Board Members

Dr. Otto Bruderer

Chair of Investment Commission

Dr. Otto Bruderer is Chair of the Investment Commision, and has had a long career working within the finance and investment sector. He joined the board in 2004 and lives in Uitikon-Waldegg, Switzerland.

Dr. Flavia Bustreo

Board member

Dr. Flavia Bustreo was elected to the Board in September 2018. She is an international expert and advocate for child health and wellbeing and previously the Assistant Director-General for Family, Women's and Children's Health for the World Health Organization (WHO). She currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Martin Lenz

Board member

Dr. Martin Lenz is a senior partner in a law firm, and learned his trade in New York and Paris. He joined the board in 2004 and lives in Basel, Switzerland. He is the President of the board of Basel Zoo.

Dr. Peter Lenz


Dr. Peter Lenz is President of the Fondation Botnar board. He is a retired lawyer from the Basel area and previously served in the Swiss military under the rank of colonel. He joined the board in 2004 and currently lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Amalie Molhant Proost

Board member (Rep. founder's family)

Amalie Molhant Proost sits on the board as the family representative for the Botnar family. She was elected in 2018 and has a background in journalism and communications. She lives in Rougemont, Switzerland.

Elsbeth Müller

Board member

Elsbeth Müller is the former CEO of UNICEF Switzerland. She joined the board in 2015 with a wealth of experience in child and human rights. She currently lives in Zug, Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Seelig

Board member

Prof. Dr. Joachim Seelig was elected in 2015 and has a background in scientific research. He is one of the founding fathers of the Biozentrum at the University of Basel, and currently lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Prof. Marcel Tanner

Board Member

Prof. Marcel Tanner was elected to the Board in November 2018. Prof. Tanner is an epidemiologist and public health specialist. He was previously the Director of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and currently the President of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.