Finance and Governance


Since 2015 Fondation Botnar has benefited from a significant boost to its capital base, resulting in greater funding potential and commensurate increase in demand over time. In 2016, the foundation board committed to building organisational capacity to support the implementation of its mandate. This included appointing a dedicated team to effectively manage the foundation’s future strategic direction, including the evaluation and roll-out of relevant projects and programs.

The Fondation Botnar assets of CHF 3.3 billion (as of December 2018) are invested according to leading principles of sustainable institutional asset management.

From 2019, Fondation Botnar will annually offer CHF 70 million in funding as follows:

  • CHF 48 million for projects and programs undertaken by Fondation Botnar in partnership with organisations with well-developed local networks.
  • CHF 9 million for research projects in key focus areas.
  • CHF 3 million for one-off grants up to CHF 300,000. Here, innovative or otherwise outstanding projects with smaller funding volumes are targeted.
  • CHF 10 million annual contribution to the Botnar Research Centre for Child Health (BRCCH)

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Fondation Botnar is a member of SwissFoundations, the association of grant-making foundations in Switzerland. We commit to best practice governance in line with the principles and recommendations of the Swiss Foundation Code. Our accounting follows the guidelines of Swiss GAAP FER 21 for philanthropic social non-profit-organisations. Our activities are supervised by the Supervisory Authority for Foundations, Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs.