Fondation Botnar is creating a better tomorrow for all children by investing in emerging solutions today.

Fondation Botnar acts as a catalyst, connecting diverse partners and investing in scaleable AI and digital innovation to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in growing urban environments around the world.

Our work

AI for child health and wellbeing

We see an opportunity to overcome the gap created by global shortages of health workers by investing in AI and digital solutions to accelerate the transformation of modern healthcare as it moves from the hospital to the home. We work with diverse partners to integrate these solutions into urban spaces.

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Cities fit for children

We are seizing the opportunity inherent in secondary cities to influence and support systemic transformation into smart urban areas fit for children. We see ourselves as a catalyst for change, bringing diverse local partners together with young people to transform secondary cities into thriving and safe urban spaces.

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Learning and collaboration

We collaborate with a diverse range of international partners, funding research worldwide and creating learning hubs in key secondary cities where talent development, innovation and creativity are enabled. To sustain and scale proven solutions, we promote and engage in new business models and innovative financing.

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The Feed

The Feed is made up of thought leadership, upcoming events, and latest news.
Find out what Fondation Botnar and the sector is saying about the future of healthcare.

Our approach

Our approach is emergent and entrepreneurial, highlighting a vision and setting a clear objective for the foundation. Our journey is from a grant maker to a change maker. 

Funding Opportunities

Fondation Botnar provides a range of funding opportunities to enable pioneering research and innovation, and to help realise ground-breaking initiatives within our strategic focus. 

Finance & governance

We are a member of SwissFoundations, and we commit to best practice governance in line with the principles and recommendations of the Swiss Foundation Code.

The Botnar legacy

The foundation was founded in 2003 by Marcela Botnar to continue the philanthropy of herself and late husband, Octav. We remain true to our humble family roots by maintaining their philanthropic legacy and continuing a number of targeted legacy investments.