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Application process – Research grants

Read the application process below and then proceed to apply.

01. Register & review exclusion criteria
Applicant uses a link (will be provided when application windows are open) to our application system and registers on the platform. After the registration is completed, the applicant can initiate the application process for a specific grant type and will then be directed first to the exclusion criteria with the checklist

02. Redirection to short application
If none of the exclusion criteria apply to the organisation or the project, the applicant will be redirected to the short application.

03. Short application
Fill out and send short application
Duration from the submission of the short application (Step 03.) until the final decision (Step 07.): approx. 6 months

04. Short application review
Review by Fondation Botnar management team and Expert Commission to determine strategic and qualitative alignment with the requirements and criteria of the foundation.
Applications that are deemed as not in alignment with the requirements and criteria will be informed at this stage.

05. Full application
Fill out and send full application.

06. Full application review
Review by Fondation Botnar (including the Expert Commission, external reviewer & due diligence).

07. Board & final decision
The full application is presented to Fondation Botnar Board. The board makes a final decision on the project.

08. Contract preparations & signature
In case of approval the contract is prepared and signed.

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