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Funding opportunities

Fondation Botnar provides a range of funding opportunities to enable pioneering research and innovation, and to help realise ground-breaking initiatives within our focus.

Before applying for a grant from Fondation Botnar, please ensure you have reviewed our website and read the below page carefully to increase the likelihood of receiving a funding award; kindly note our geographical focus.

Receiving a grant from Fondation Botnar means that you commit to upholding our values and principles.

Grantees must ensure that innovations are affordable, accessible and equitable for the target populations in need. Adherence to the Principles for Digital Development and IP aimed at serving the public good have the highest priority for Fondation Botnar.

Fondation Botnar grantees are subject to at least annual technical and financial reporting requirements. It is also expected that organisations receiving funding from Fondation Botnar are undergoing regular external audits.

For Botnar Research Centre for Child Health (BRCCH) application rounds, see here for application details.

See more detailed information about the application processes here.

Funding instruments

Fondation Botnar distinguishes between different types of funding.

Implementation and research grants

Implementation grants involve longer-term implementation projects that generate scalable impact while research grants support research projects ranging from innovation, validation to implementation.

Strategic partnerships

Fondation Botnar has a number of strategic partnerships, initiatives, and programs that co-create positive impact with key partners.

Special purpose grants

Fondation Botnar supports smaller, innovative projects that explore new methods of working as well as utilising proven methods for sustainable long-term impact. These grants cannot be renewed or extended for a project within the same scope.


Together with other foundations and donors, Fondation Botnar joins funding efforts to achieve change.

Venture Philanthropy 

In collaboration with implementation partners we invest in enterprises in the early growth or expansion stage across different sectors with the objective of improving the wellbeing of young people.

We co-invest with locally rooted and other investors – equity being our investment instrument of choice.

Fondation Botnar does not fund or support the following:

  • Emergency or humanitarian relief projects*
  • Projects in crisis and conflict zones or areas in which the security of project staff is at risk
  • Projects that replace state funding
  • Contributions to individual persons
  • Contributions to publication costs
  • Contributions to exhibitions
  • Religious and faith-based organisations
  • Political organisations
  • Organisations which are discriminating against specific people or groups of people
  • Organisations that are involved in areas which undermine public health or the integrity of individuals (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, prostitution, pornography, violence)

*Fondation Botnar has made a special commitment to support specific global research efforts in response to COVID-19 until the end of 2020. Read more about our commitments here.

In addition, please note that Fondation Botnar does not provide general funding in support of organizations, only specific projects. Further, applicants are only eligible for funding by Fondation Botnar if their project has a clear not-for-profit purpose.

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