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A world where young people thrive

We focus on four thematic areas: enabling liveable and sustainable city systems, enabling a human rights-based digital transformation, promoting mental health and strengthening quality public education.

Enabling liveable and sustainable city systems

As more young people grow up in urban areas, millions live in cities that aren’t ready to support them. With innovative new approaches and ways of working together, we can reimagine urban environments that are healthy, sustainable and liveable. ​


Enabling a human rights-based digital transformation

Today’s young people are the first generation born and raised in the digital age, with AI and digital technologies offering unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Human rights-based governance is crucial to harnessing the benefits of these technologies for all, ensuring protection from potential harm and thereby enhancing young people’s opportunities and connectivity in a responsible way.


Promoting mental health

In adolescence, young people experience physical, cognitive and emotional developments impacting their mental health and future wellbeing, but about 10% face mental health challenges. We can positively impact adolescent mental health by focusing on prevention and early intervention, by addressing the unique stressors of mental health in urban and digital spaces.


Strengthening quality public education

Today’s education systems must prepare young people for a rapidly changing world but struggle with limited resources, outdated curricula and diverse student needs. We have an opportunity to improve education by involving communities, particularly in the effective use of technology and in decisions about its role in learning, to ensure that it supports rather than burdens teachers and students.


Botnar Institute of Immune Engineering (BIIE)

The BIIE will advance immune engineering and child health globally, innovating medical solutions to improve young people’s wellbeing.


Impact Generation videos

Explore how our work and partners are helping to improve young people’s lives in cities around the world in our Impact Generation series.

Impact Generation with BASABali

Impact Generation with Nikita from Safetipin

Impact Generation with Vivo Mi Calle

Impact Generation with Yoma

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