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Our work

Every child should be capable of leading a dignified life and making a positive contribution to society. Fondation Botnar works to achieve this by improving the wellbeing of children and adolescents in vibrant, growing secondary cities around the world.

We are seizing the big opportunity to improve their wellbeing by connecting diverse players, investing in digital solutions and jointly developing sustainable and scalable business models.

Our work focuses around three main areas: cities fit for children, AI for child health and wellbeing, and learning and entrepreneurship. We also continue our founders wishes through more targeted investments under the Botnar legacy.

AI for child health and wellbeing

We see an opportunity to overcome the gap created by global shortages of health workers by investing in AI and digital solutions to accelerate the transformation of modern healthcare as it moves from the hospital to the home. We work with diverse partners to integrate these solutions into urban spaces.

Cities fit for children

We are seizing the opportunity inherent in secondary cities to influence and support systemic transformation into smart urban areas fit for children. We see ourselves as a catalyst for change, bringing diverse local partners together with young people to transform secondary cities into thriving and safe urban spaces.

Learning and collaboration

We collaborate with a diverse range of international partners, funding research worldwide and creating learning hubs in key secondary cities where talent development, innovation and creativity are enabled. To sustain and scale proven solutions, we promote and engage in new business models and innovative financing.

The Botnar legacy

The Foundation was founded in 2003 by Marcela Botnar to continue the philanthropy of herself and late husband, Octav. We are committed to maintaining the family’ philanthropic legacy across all of our investments, and more specifically through more targeted investments such as the Botnar Road Safety Challenge.

The Future Now
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