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RIGHTS Click: Children and Young People’s Digital Rights, Health and Wellbeing
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Demanding young people’s voices are heard by policymakers and big tech 

RIGHTS Click, is a six-year programme launched by Amnesty International and Fondation Botnar which aims to protect the rights, health and wellbeing of children and young people in the digital age. 

The programme ensures that the voices of children and young people in all their diversity, shape every stage of the programme’s research, campaigns and advocacy, as we call on governments and tech companies to change their policies and practice to ensure online spaces, and other digital technologies, are safe, supportive spaces.

  • Argentina
  • Kenya
  • The Philippines


As the first ‘digital generation’, technology is now part of most children and young people’s everyday lives, from the way they learn to the way they communicate. However, their rights in the online sphere are frequently left unprotected. Around the world, they are being subject to misuse of their personal data, cyber bullying, online abuse and digital surveillance. Despite these harms, tech executives and governments are not protecting the rights of children in online spaces in the same way they would in the physical world. There are also issues around access to technology, as some young people are left behind. We now need to use data and evidence, to shape the human rights of children and young people in the digital world.


Amnesty International and Fondation Botnar believe urgent action is needed, and our joint programme – RIGHTS Click— has been designed to address these challenges.

The first phase is undertaking research to better understand the challenges of children and young people, and provide evidence-based policy recommendations. Building on that evidence, the second phase will work to increase awareness of digital risks to children and young people, creating a global movement to drive change and ensure youth perspectives are heard by governments and technology companies. The programme is active in several different geographies and combines global initiatives with national-level insights and strategies.

Over 300 young people engaged in the programme participated in a Global Youth Summit on Digital Rights

The launch of the #FixTikTok campaign marked a major milestone for RIGHTS Click, demanding a safer platform for young users globally. To sign their petition click here.

“Speaking up became a threat to my survival”
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