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Investing in emerging ideas that are creating a better future for young people.

Fondation Botnar is a Swiss philanthropic foundation working to improve the health and wellbeing of young people living in cities around the world. Advocating for the inclusion of youth voices and the equitable use of AI and digital technology, the foundation invests in and supports innovative programs and research, and brings together actors from across sectors to create dialogue and partnerships.


Conversation with Adria and Theresa

In the first podcast blog from Fondation Botnar, you’ll meet the third cohort of Young Professionals, Adria and Theresa.

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Being - October 25- Launch (Twitter)

Launch of Being, a new mental health initiative for young people

Fondation Botnar is working in collaboration with Grand Challenges Canada, United for Global Mental Health and Global Affairs Canada to support Being, an international mental health initiative working with young people in LMICs.

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OurCity - Manta and Barranquilla website header image

Fondation Botnar expands OurCity initiative to advance young people’s wellbeing in cities

We are extremely proud to add Latin American cities Manta and Barranquilla to our global OurCity initiative that leverages local strengths, community engagement and digital technologies to transform cities and ensure young people’s wellbeing.

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Vivo Mi Calle Screenshot

Impact Generation with Vivo Mi Calle, Colombia

Watch the latest video in our Impact Generation series to hear from Adriana Quiñones, a young person involved in the Vivo Mi Calle project, a part of the Healthy Cities for Adolescents program.

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Meet young people driving social change in Tanga, Tanzania

To mark International Youth Day, we are delighted to highlight the exciting innovations of 4 young people involved in one of our flagship projects in Tanga, Tanzania: the OurCity initiative.

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Cities fit for young people

Bringing together key people from across city systems and investing in solutions created with, by, and for young people, we’re working to create cities that are healthy, sustainable, and liveable for young people.

AI and digital for an equitable future

We fund and support ideas that bring the potential of AI and digital technology to life to create better, more inclusive spaces and platforms that support young people’s wellbeing — always with equity and responsibility at its core.

Meaningful youth participation

We support programs, projects and research that include young people, treat them with the trust and respect they deserve, give them the necessary space to contribute to work that affects them as equal partners.

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Conversation with Adria and Theresa

In the first podcast blog from Fondation Botnar, you’ll meet the third cohort of Young Professionals, Adria and Theresa.

October 2022 – The Catalyst – Urban October

In this Urban October edition, we celebrate key developments in our work towards creating sustainable change for young people’s wellbeing in cities.
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Twitter feed

On #DataPrivacyDay we want to hear from you! How much do you know about your health data? 📱 💊

Join the @Trans4m_Health global campaign by sharing your experiences of how you access health data:

#MyDataOurHealth, #HealthDataGovernance, #DataPrivacyDay

Happy #InternationalDayofEducation! 🎓

Rajabu, one of the young people attending Tanzania’s first science centre shares how his learning journey has inspired him to use STEM to solve challenges in his city. ⚗️

@ProjektInspire @TangaYetu

Watch. ⬇️

To protect youth and achieve #UniversalHealthCoverage we must:

🗣️ Hold leaders accountable
💶 Find financing solutions
🤝 Engage in partnerships

Interesting insights and lessons from in @wef on how we can advance young peoples health.


Smart cities have the potential to:

📱Leverage digitisation
🧠 Improve wellbeing
🗣️ Build inclusive and sustainable societies

But we need to balance the risks with protecting digital rights.

Interesting piece from @_MollyKilleen in @EURACTIV👇

“The international community should push tech platforms to focus their content moderation activities on countries with low digital literacy."

Great piece in @devex on 3️⃣ activists protecting online rights. #GenerationWhy

@NatalieDonback @naomi_mihara

We now have 7️⃣ years to meet the targets set by the #2030 agenda.

In this blog @SusannaHausman3 shares how our Youth2030 programme in partnership with @UNHABITAT aims to advance the #SDGs through youth participation and accountability ⬇️

Have you read the latest piece in the @FinancialTimes #ThrivingCities series featuring our partner @safetipinapp yet? 💡

Learn how through data and AI young people are enhancing wellbeing and safety in cities through using a digital app. 📲

Have you read our latest blog from our young professionals Adria and Theresa yet? 👀

In their first blog and podcast they share their experiences of working at Fondation Botnar so far.

Learn more about the programme ⬇️

2023 brings new opportunities for young people to take action and use their voice. 📢

If you're 16-24, join @PMNCH's #1point8 campaign and share your wants, needs & ambitions to inform an Agenda for Action for Adolescents.

Get involved 👉

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