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Fondation Botnar is investing in emerging solutions to build a better future for children and young people globally.

Fondation Botnar champions the use of AI and digital technology to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in growing urban environments around the world. We do this by supporting research, catalysing diverse partners, and investing in scalable solutions.

Photo: UN-Habitat/Isaac Muasa

Fondation Botnar and UN-Habitat launch the #FutureCitiesChallenge

Fondation Botnar and UN-Habitat have launched a joint campaign inviting children and young people to learn more about the cities we live in. We are asking those between the ages of 10 – 24 years old to use their creativity and imagine their future cities to have the chance to win USD 1000 worth in credits to take online courses. The challenge is called #FutureCitiesChallenge, find out more information at

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2019 Annual Report

2019 was a milestone year for us and we're proud to launch our 2019 Annual Report, summarising new partnerships and achievements.

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Fondation Botnar commits CHF 20 million to global research efforts around COVID-19

Fondation Botnar is committing CHF 20 million to international research efforts to advance the scientific understanding of, and to accelerate the global health response to COVID-19, including the role of digital technologies.

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A message to our community

In light of the emerging global situation and COVID-19, Dr. Stefan Germann, CEO at Fondation Botnar, is sharing a message with some updates and offer support from the Fondation Botnar offices in Switzerland.

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Cities fit for young people

We are seizing the opportunity to make sure the world’s urban environments are safe and thriving for young people. We connect diverse partners with local, national, and regional governments to catalyse these transformations.

AI and digital for the next generation

We fund, co-create, and scale up artificial intelligence (AI) and digitally-enabled solutions to bridge the health worker capacity gap, transform health systems from being reactive to proactive, and improve care efficiency and wellbeing for children and young people. We also prioritise the discussion around the pooling and sharing of health data to not only help policy-makers, but also help the general population to better understand their health needs.

Meaningful youth participation

We create opportunities and platforms for young people to share power and responsibility in shaping their health and wellbeing. We seek to include youth voices in the planning, design, and implementation of both local and global programs and policies.

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Fondation Botnar and UN-Habitat launch the #FutureCitiesChallenge

COVID-19 has brought to light some of the challenges our rapidly growing cities face, as urban areas have suffered most as a result of the pandemic. The pandemic has led to an urgent need to rethink how our cities are created, and a critical part of that means involving citizen voices, including those of young people.

OurCity – where young people can thrive

In cities, we expect to find the best of culture, healthcare, and education, but many cities are struggling to meet young people’s needs. Today, over 4 billion people live in urban areas globally, which represent more than half of the world’s population.
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📢 @TheLancet and @FT commission @GHFutures2030 is looking for a Youth Officer to lead their youth engagement work!

If you're under 35 & interested in the convergence of digital health with #UHC and amplifying youth voices apply here

Privileged to be a Young City Champion as part of @FondationBotnar & @UNHABITAT’s #FutureCitiesChallenge!
With over half the world’s population living in cities, urban sustainability is critical to achieving The Future We Want!
#SDG11 #Agenda2030 #LeaveNoOneBehind

Privileged to be a Young City Champion as part of @FondationBotnar & @UNHABITAT’s #FutureCitiesChallenge!
With over half the world’s population living in cities, urban sustainability is critical to achieving The Future We Want!
#SDG11 #Agenda2030 #LeaveNoOneBehind

What would your city look like if you had the power to design it? @FondationBotnar & @UNHABITAT's #FutureCitiesChallenge gives young people the chance to imagine their future city using their creativity.

🏆 Enter to win credits for an online course

🤔 What does your dream city look like? 🤔

Young people’s perspectives are often left out of #CityPlanning, but what would your city look like if YOU had the power?

Join our #FutureCitiesChallenge with @UNHABITAT to imagine your future city!


Interested in digital health and partnerships for UHC? Join @Trans4m_Health, DCCC and @Devex as we convene experts on the sidelines of #UNGA75.
Check out details of the event on 23 September
💻Register now ⇢
#DigitalHealth #UHC #SDG3 #HealthForAll

The pandemic has created a need to rethink how our cities are made, so we've launched a joint campaign with @UNHABITAT inviting young people to learn more about the cities we live in and re-imagine their city using their creativity.

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🗣️ How do you think young people can contribute to recovery efforts post #COVID19?

We asked three young experts from @yet4uhc on the skills young people need to meaningfully contribute to the recovery efforts post-pandemic. Hear what they had to say below

#UNGA Register & and hear from 👇🏽
· @NRaoMD @RockefellerFdn
· @dykki @PATHtweets
· @AnuragAgrawalMD @GHFutures2030
· Kalavathi GV @PhilipsBlore
· Nicole Spieker @PharmAccessOrg
. @nsanzimanasabin @RBCRwanda
. @damullingstweet @yet4uhc

#DevexEvent #UNGA75 DCCC @Trans4m_Health

📢 It's time to meet our Young City Champions!

These are young activists from across the globe who are championing healthy & thriving cities that work for all.



📢 Want to design a city?

We're challenging young people (between 10-24) to use their creativity to design a city based on what they think is important!

Join our #FutureCitiesChallenge with @UNHABITAT to have your say on how cities are made!


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