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Fondation Botnar is committed to relying on governance, robust reporting, thorough analysis and an evidence-led approach to guide our decision making. We are a member of SwissFoundations, the association of grant-making foundations in Switzerland, and we commit to best practice governance in line with the principles and recommendations of the Swiss Foundation Code. Our accounting follows the guidelines of Swiss GAAP FER 21 for philanthropic social non-profit-organisations. Our activities are supervised by the Supervisory Authority for Foundations, Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs.

Code of conduct

The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to express the commitment of the foundation to the highest level of integrity. The activities of the foundation are strongly interlinked with our society, in particular children, as we seek to empower people to care for themselves. As a partner with purpose, we value transparency, being distinctive, and being a pioneer for positive impact. Read the Code of Conduct here.

Whistleblowing guideline

This whistleblowing guideline is put in place to make the procedure of whistleblowing transparent and to eliminate any doubts concerning the effectiveness of reporting misconduct. It illustrates appropriate action to take when experiencing or discovering any violation of the Foundation Botnar Code of Conduct. Download the guideline here and report an issue via the Ethicspoint site. You can also find the relevant hotline number in your country there.

Please see below the three ways to report an issue.

Our structure


The Board jointly oversees the governance and decision making of the foundation. It is represented by 6 members who act in accordance with the mission of the foundation and the will of our founder, Marcela.

Management Office

The Management Office is run by the CEO. It is responsible for the operational and strategic day-to-day management of the foundation.

Audit & Risk Committee (ARCO)

The ARCO is responsible for monitoring and optimizing the foundation’s internal processes, including ensuring good governance and due diligence.

HR & Organisational Committee (HOCO)

The HOCO is responsible for strategic matters relating to good governance and duty of care, long-term succession planning, personnel, and social policy, and organisational development.

Philanthropy Committee (PHICO)

The PHICO oversees the overall philanthropic strategy, including strategic guidance related to grant-making instruments and processes. It also reviews summaries of grant applications & specialist reviews and prepares recommendations as a basis for decisions to be taken by the foundation’s board.

Investment Commission (IC)

The Investment Commission holds the responsibility of managing the financial assets in the best interests of the foundation.

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