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Hello Youth! We Hear You!

Theresa Budzinski

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The African Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC) 2023 was a remarkable event which brought together policymakers, practitioners, and young people from all over the continent to exchange their knowledge and experiences.

This year, Fondation Botnar was proud to support the Youth Zone at AHAIC 2023. The event was a vibrant and dynamic space that enabled young people to discuss pressing health issues that affect them. Places like these help change the narrative of youth participation in health discussions and create opportunities for young people to exchange  and contribute to developing youth-centered solutions.

If you want to learn more about the Youth Zone, watch this video.

At the Youth Zone, we connected with Imani Henrick, an award winning journalist and digital rights advocate from Tanzania who is supporting us with the creation of our radio platform. Imani and I hosted the first pre-production radio hub, where young people expressed their views on important topics such as mental health, digital rights, and the Framework for Adolescent Wellbeing, which is supported by the exciting 1.8b campaign. Through the interactive exhibition and the content production hub we created a space where every thought and opinion could be heard. 


About the hub

We are also thrilled to announce our upcoming initiative: a radio show and podcast library which we are dedicating to providing a platform for young people, to shape and share their thoughts on different issues at this year’s Women Deliver Conference. There will be guest speakers, experts and young people sharing their experiences and ideas on addressing pressing challenges facing young people worldwide.

Come along on our journey and help us name our upcoming podcast! Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter below.

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