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Young Experts: Tech 4 Health (YET4H)

The challenge

Today’s global youth population is the largest in history. Approximately half of the world’s population is under 30. Yet, with only 1.9 per cent of those aged below 30 having a voice as legislators, and less than 2% of global health funding allocated to their specific health issues, young people continue to be under-represented in both policy and programs.

Digital technology, together with AI offers significant opportunities to tackle health system challenges and should be recognised as a catalyst to achieving the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) agenda,  with youth voices and their expertise guiding how these new tools are leveraged.  

Our contribution

Fondation Botnar is maintaining its commitment to championing meaningful participation for young people to achieve UHC through supporting Young Experts: Tech 4 Health, a platform for young people to shape and guide this agenda through data and digital technology.  

Emerging technologies are revolutionising the healthcare landscape, changing the ways we access health care and improving the quality of it around the world. The Transform Health Coalition campaigns for and collaborates with individuals and communities to accelerate the meaningful and ethical adoption of digital technologies for improved health and wellbeing, and Young Experts: Tech 4 Health was created to guide the coalition, and to more broadly amplify the perspectives of young people at the global level.

As many young people have been the first generation to grow up with various forms of digital technology, they can offer a unique perspective and be at the forefront of this shift. At Fondation Botnar, we are committed to creating platforms that give young people the opportunity to collaborate with policy makers to integrate digital technology into primary health care systems.

The Young Experts: Tech 4 Health provides young people the opportunity to share their voice on how digital innovation can uphold equitable and quality primary health for all.

Objectives of the program

  • Increase recognition for the role of digital for the health and wellbeing of young people globally.
  • Strengthen and amplify young people’s voice and role in the global digital health agenda.


Hosted by Plan International Canada, the platform has representation from all six World Health Organization regions:  African Region, Region of the Americas, South-East Asia Region, European Region, Eastern Mediterranean Region, and Western Pacific Region.

Duration of project

2020 – 2022


PATH, Women Deliver, and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH), Transform Health Coalition


Announcing the Young Experts: Tech for Health: Video

About the Young Experts: Tech for Health: Video

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