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Rising Minds goes to Women Deliver 2023 – a radio show for and with young people

Theresa Budzinski

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Right now, Kigali is getting ready to host this year’s Women Deliver Conference, a globally renowned gathering focused on gender equality, health, rights, and the wellbeing of girls and women. The conference, which takes place every few years, unites our peers from across sectors, young leaders and advocates “young at heart” all with the goal of collaborating for more inclusive and equitable futures.

This union of change-makers and thought leaders is a unique opportunity to engage with youth and ignite meaningful conversations about their role in shaping a better future. So we asked ourselves how to best utilise the space, connect and listen to young people while making sure that we provide the right set-up to enable them to “Raise their voice”. What happens if we hand over our exhibition space to those voices?

Introducing Fondation Botnar’s very own radio show!

We have created Rising Minds, a pop-up radio show co-designed by young people and some of our partners. The aim? To amplify the voices of young people and showcase their efforts to shape the conversation around issues that impact their wellbeing. We’ll explore the challenges and opportunities young people face today, and discover innovative solutions and inspiring stories of those leading the way.

Each day of the Women Deliver conference, Rising Minds will be dedicated to a topic that our youth network is passionate about and consider a priority policy area:

Day One: Mental Health
Did you know that 1 in 5 children and adolescents worldwide experience a mental health challenge? This staggering statistic highlights the urgent need for action. The first day of Rising Minds explores common challenges, including; Young Parents & Teenage Pregnancies, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Eating Disorders. We ask our guests: what can we do to create a mentally healthier future for young people around the world?

Day Two: Digital Rights
The second day of the show explores solutions for creating a safer, more equitable online space for all. As the first ‘digital generation’, many children and young people use digital technology as part of their everyday lives — but their rights too often go unprotected. We cover challenges, including what needs to happen to protect online privacy and data better and safeguard against gender-based online violence.

Day Three: Adolescent Health and Wellbeing
We’ll draw our radio show to a close on the third day, where we’re thrilled to be interviewing young attendees live from the conference. Rising Minds will support the 1.8 Billion Young People for Change Campaign, emphasising the importance of placing youth and adolescents at the centre of decision-making on their health and wellbeing.

We’ll get an insight into the conversations this network has had across the week, questions they still want to explore and some of the most exciting outcomes to ensuring the 1.8 billion adolescents around the world can secure their full health and rights.

We have curated an extraordinary line-up of Rising Minds that are a driving force behind positive change, advocating for their peers and pushing boundaries. You’ll get the chance to listen to Christopher Arunga, Imani Henricks, Jihad Bnimoussa, Manvi Tiwari, Marian Murunga, Teenergizer, YMCA, and so many more.

If you want to find out more about our lineup of young people (otherwise known as the Rising Minds), check out our new Instagram channel.

Getting involved!
We have an open call for contributors to the show. If you are interested, please complete this typeform!

You can listen to the Rising Minds radio during Women Deliver (17-20 July 2023) by tuning in online.

If you are at the conference, you can visit from our radio booth at Akagera 17+18, or listen at the Youth Zone on KCC Rooftop.

After the conference, sessions will be available as podcasts (more on that soon).

We can’t wait for you to join us for three days of thought-provoking and solution-oriented discussions with young people as decision-makers, future shapers and table shakers.

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