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The #TechForHer: Map of Impact for Women & Girls, brought to you by Fondation Botnar, is the first of it’s kind. This map is a curation of cases, where tech has been designed to address some of the biggest health and wellbeing issues facing women and girls around the world, with a tangible impact. From digitised access to sexual and reproductive health information to anonymous mobile consultations for reporting domestic violence, the #TechForHer: Map of Impact for Women & Girls profiles over 30 tech-enabled health solutions sourced from across the globe, that are directly tackling unmet needs for women and girls.

Where, and in what areas can technology help? Could intelligent health assistants be key to improving pre- and postnatal care? Is big data a means through which we can ensure the safety of women and girls travelling home late at night? This tool enables us to understand the ways in which emerging tech is flourishing in health and wellbeing solutions for women and girls and aims to spark conversation around what a world that truly leverages tech for health equity could look like.

But it doesn’t stop here, we need you! With you – from the advocates working to achieve a more gender equal world – we can paint a bigger, more inclusive picture. If you know of a solution driving positive change for the health and wellbeing for women and girls, help us by getting in touch. 

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