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Nakisanze Lisa | Idea

My city is one of the favourable communities anyone would want to be, we are loving, caring and welcoming but unfortunately everyday pollution is on an increase and we are looking forward to reducing the improper disposal of wastes in…

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Zamzam Juma Hamad | Idea

The City are the capital for change especially for youth, when the environment are so-round features eg daycare academies community mobilization agency for education that contribute the children and youth to grow in creative for the better future in their…

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Portia | Idea

I dream of an elite society for the less privileged. One that is sustainable and eco-friendly. A city whose education system is individual focused. A curriculum that explores the problem solving skills of students, directing them towards real world issues.…

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Hafsah Muheed | Idea

Availability of community centers as part of city planning, urban development is key as this centers can be a space where mental health & wellbeing support is provided. It also destigmatizes receiving mental health support and makes it accessible. The…

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Leah Namugerwa | Idea

Cities destroy fertile soils that provide feed to us, reduce the available water catchment areas & increase the demand of energy. Meaning, we need to answer questions of where cities are to be located or not & what can be…

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Mohammed Hafiz Musah | Idea

With the right education and guidance, we stand a chance to avoid the majority of the world's urban problems. Imagine a transformative education agenda backed by the needed technology and infrastructure to adequately prepare young people for life problem solving,…

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Elilu Lawrence | Idea

Wellbeing to me means to be sober and make decisions that benefits me and my community creating safer environment for my fellow youths especially girl child to transform education among youths about their rights and wellbeing.

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