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Celebrating youth perspectives in urban planning – Checking in with the #FutureCitiesChallenge winners

In the face of the pandemic, young people from all over the world have demonstrated a willingness and desire to help rebuild their cities in a way that would ensure all citizens, especially young people, can thrive. In the coming decades, they will be leading the future of our cities, but unfortunately their voices and perspectives on urban issues are often left out of key discussions.
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Interview with the CEO

Since becoming the first CEO of Fondation Botnar in 2017, Stefan Germann has led us through a period of rapid growth and change. Here he reflects on how challenges in 2020 further shaped our work and our organisation.
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Our Year: 2020 in Review

Today fresh off the digital press, we are pleased to share our first digital Our Year: 2020 in Review interactive report! Join us in looking back at some of our partners’ incredible achievements over the last year and find messages from our Chair of the Board, Thomas Gutzwiller, and our CEO, Stefan Germann. Don’t forget to watch our video to hear from our team members on progress in some of our initiatives.
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Q&A: Challenges and opportunities with digital youth participation

We are living in an age of unprecedented technological disruption. As the first generation with a digital-first mindset, young people are best placed to leverage these advancements to accelerate change. Still, their priorities and needs are often not reflected in policies, and there is an urgent need to work with young people as equal partners and valuable contributors.
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Fondation Botnar celebrates World Cities Day 2020

Today, 31 October 2020, we are celebrating World Cities Day, with this year’s theme of ‘valuing our communities and cities’. Did you know that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas and there will be more young people growing up in cities than ever before? At Fondation Botnar, we believe there is an urgent need to ensure that cities are both safe and healthy environments. We are proud to share some of our commitments and achievements in contributing to this. 
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Future Cities Challenge celebrates young people’s role in urban planning

Ahead of World Cities Day tomorrow, UN-Habitat and Fondation Botnar are pleased to announce the winners of their Future Cities Challenge. The competition sought to include the voices of young people in urban planning, at a time when local and national governments are looking at the future of cities and how to make them more sustainable and prosperous in light of COVID-19.
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