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AI and digital for an equitable future

As technology advances and changes the lives of more people around the world, it’s also raising important questions: Are new developments based in human rights? Who owns the data? And are all voices being represented fairly? Together, we must ensure that we’re exploring the best uses for AI and digital, putting safeguards in place, and ensuring innovations are driven by equity above all else. Digital solutions must be safe and reliable, decision-making transparent, and algorithms and human interfaces fair to all.

When applied responsibly, AI and digital innovation have the potential to create important, long-lasting improvements to the lives of countless people around the world. New technology and the power of data could provide new routes to tackle persistent health, social, and economic challenges at a level of scale and accessibility we’ve never been able to achieve before. By working together to use those tools intelligently, we have a unique opportunity to put in place safe and equitable systems that can support young people for decades to come.

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Our focus

Fondation Botnar helps bring the exciting potential of AI and digital technology to life by funding and supporting the development of human-centred solutions around the world that have a positive impact on the health, wellbeing, and futures of young people. We support initiatives that are responsible, sustainable, and effective, while always working to ensure that the use of AI and digital remains equitable, with the needs of young people at its heart.

  • Championing human-centred design

    To make an impact on the lives of young people, new digital solutions must be deeply rooted in their needs, wants, and characteristics, with equity and effectiveness at their centre. The Principles for Digital Development guide our work, and form a framework for how we support the design and implementation of new technology by our partners to improve systems in the long-term.

  • Supporting human rights in a digital age

    Human rights are non-negotiable and our work contributes to ensuring that young people’s rights are protected in all spaces —including online. As well as directly supporting projects, we actively work to drive conversation and debate, engaging with young people to help inform, educate, and drive the digital rights agenda.

  • Driving responsible digital governance

    Fair and effective digital governance and transparency play a key role in improving the health and wellbeing of young people in the future, and are a core aspect of the projects we support. We support initiatives that create models of responsible digital governance, openly advocate for its importance, and have a robust internal data policy to ensure our own responsible handling of data.

Our projects

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