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Meaningful youth participation

The world’s population is young: 42 percent of people are under the age of 25. But despite being the largest generation of young people in history, their basic human rights to representation and participation are not being met, often left out of decision making and without the opportunity to drive changes in the city systems they live in — especially within marginalised groups.

When they have the tools they need to join in and participate, young people can play a crucial role in shaping our collective future, tackling new challenges, and harnessing opportunities. Included as equal partners, young people can express themselves and their needs, develop and evolve their digital skills, and use their unique flexibility to take the lead as drivers of social, economic, and environmental change in the 21st century.

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Our focus

Fondation Botnar works to enable opportunities and platforms that put the perspectives of young people at the core of their work. Through our funding and support, we support programs, projects and research that include and treat young people with trust, give them the necessary space to contribute to work that affects them, and be treated as equal partners at every stage of the process.

  • Supporting youth participation

    We regard young people as equal partners in the initiatives we support, and always aim to enable their participation in the process. We strive to include their perspectives in the design and implementation of projects, and provide platforms and environments where they can have their voices heard and take part in decision-making.

  • Collaborating with key changemakers, innovators and advocates

    We work with young leaders at all levels, from community leaders in city development to global leaders in digital health, to change policy, create dialogue, and enable positive impact. We always strive to enable young people’s participation in our work, through campaigns, panels, events, and discussions.

Our projects

Being – a mental health initiative
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Young Gamechangers Initiative (YGI)
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Young Experts: Tech 4 Health (YET4H)
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Women Deliver: Young Leaders Program
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Healthy Cities for Adolescents Program
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OurCity initiative
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Youth agency marketplace (Yoma)
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The Future Now.
For Young People

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