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Cities fit for young people

By 2050, more than two thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas, but cities are not ready to support them. From education, to healthcare, to employment, our city systems are failing young people, damaging their health and wellbeing, and leaving them at risk of being left behind. We need to put inclusive mechanisms in place that allow everyone to thrive.

As our society evolves, new technologies and ways of thinking are opening up incredible opportunities for us to reshape our approach to city development and infrastructure, especially within fast-growing secondary cities. With better understanding of needs and desires, the ability to work smarter, and collaborate closer, we can use new innovations to enable better, more inclusive city systems that are safe and ready to meet the needs of young people.

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Our focus

Fondation Botnar works to create healthy, sustainable, and liveable environments for young people, where they’re always included as key decision-makers and contributors. Bringing people together from across city systems and investing in interventions that are created with, by, and for young people, we support the creation of cities that give everyone the chance to be supported, represented, and access opportunities.

  • Building inclusive cities

    We work with diverse partners to ensure all voices have a meaningful say in the cities they live in — particularly young people. We support systems that give them the ability to actively contribute to their communities — from healthcare systems, to culture and art, to the creation of new jobs and income opportunities.

  • Creating safe, youth-centered cities

    Through our work, we support the creation of sustainable, liveable urban environments that empower young people to lead healthy lives. This includes enabling the development of safe infrastructure and safe environments for young people to live and express their opinions, creating opportunities through digital technologies.

  • Enabling skills for city development

    We enable and foster opportunities for young people to further their education, get access to training, and develop their skills as they please, so they can flourish and continue to contribute to their communities.

Our projects

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For Young People

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