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AI and digital solutions for child health and wellbeing

The adoption of digital solutions in healthcare has the ability to solve some of the biggest problems facing the world today. From harnessing big data to ensuring equitable access to care, the potential of technology to better the lives of children is tremendous.

Digital solutions now have the potential to radically transform medical care, making it much more predictive and personalised, improving quality, and maximising efficiency. With increasing populations in urban environments, big data can allow governments, local authorities and healthcare providers gain a clearer picture of the wider population, allowing them to access information they need to utilise resources that can help predict epidemics, spot potential health triggers, improve quality of life, and avoid preventable deaths.


Our focus

We see the opportunity to overcome the gap created by global shortages of health workers by investing in AI and digital solutions in order to accelerate the transformation of modern healthcare as it moves from the hospital to the home.

As a foundation we are working to deliver human-centered, integrated technological services that are both sustainable and scalable for the benefit of children and adolescents worldwide. We work with diverse partners – from governments, NGOs, community workers, and urban citizens – to collaborate and test potential solutions.

  • Equipping community workers

    We are working to equip community workers with digital solutions to enhance performance and efficiency of healthcare services. Digital solutions allow for a greater level of analysis of data, putting more information in the patients hand. The main way we equip community workers is through telemedicine initiatives.

  • Personalised learning

    Personalised learning is crucial for community workers. We are working on developing personalised learning channels for community workers where they can enhance their knowledge on digital applications in order to make them more equipped to deal with pressing issues, and enhancing the quality of service to the person.

  • Big data

    This is an evolving area for us and will be defined in close partnership with cities and other partners where we have our primary investment focus. This will include the use of big data analytics for better urban planning on the system level, and as well the use of big data to enhance personalised health for disadvantaged adolescents around or in our focus.

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